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Campus Chickens Used to Manage Cricket Invasion at Texas Elementary School

Chickens love to eat ticks AND crickets. A San Antonio elementary school is properly using the chickens they hatched at school to help with the current cricket issue.

KSAT News is reporting that chickens are a great solution and if you have them, use them to gobble up your crickets!

"Van Raub Elementary School in Boerne has the best weapon for combating the cricket apocalypse yet: chickens. Seven chickens, all hens, were incubated and hatched by the kindergartners last school year, and there are plans to hatch more in the future."

These chickens were set loose and they're scratching and pecking but also eating the problem.

Crickets are a great snack for chickens! Think about all that protein!

"We keep our feathered students in coops, but they also need their exercise, so this helped get them really moving the past couple of days," Robinson said. "We don't want pesticides in schools when possible, so our approach was to use our campus chickens that the fourth graders take care of to eradicate our pests naturally."

What a great solution to pesticides.

You can also feed your chickens mealworms, grasshoppers and they also love black soldier fly snacks. There honestly isn't a better solution for pest control. We free-range our birds and they love finding crickets and bugs while they scratch and peck. Guinea Fowl is a great solution too. These edible insects are a great way to get this problem under control.

You may want to consider a Catchmaster Cricket Trap if you're being invaded. We're finding this works!

Know someone who would like to add chickens to their flock? Tell us in the comments below!

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