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Campfire Popcorn Hack: Can You Use an Empty Beer Can?

This is how you use of an empty beer to pop your popcorn over an open fire. But should you?

The first question is whether or not you should actually try this hack.

Since we already know that a nice campfire and a cold beer go hand-in-hand, why not make use of the empty when you're done?

Well, here's an easy way to make a little something to snack on that only needs a razor knife, some gloves and a marshmallow-roasting stick.

Here's what it looks like in action:

Not ready to give up the campfire? Crack open a cold one and turn the empty beer can into a popcorn maker with these simple steps!

Posted by Cottage Life on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

So a lot of you are already thinking what I thought: should you even try this? Forget about cutting yourself, you can do that on a piece of paper.

It's just that what's inside of a burnt beer can that makes us a little skeptical.

According to Mother Jones, beer cans are lined with epoxy that contains a chemical called bisphenol A, which keeps foods from reacting to aluminum. BPA has been associated with a wide variety of ailments, from cancer to irregular brain development in children.

No doubt you should probably just use the old-fashioned mesh basket we all have stored with the camping stuff.

You can still pop the corn inside the can to prove it works; just don't eat what comes out!



Campfire Popcorn Hack: Can You Use an Empty Beer Can?