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Campbell County, Wyoming Represents Your Best Bet at Legitimate Western Trophy Hunting

Little did you know, a western big game hunt is easier to achieve than you thought.

The kind of land that Gillette-Wright, Wyoming offers a big game hunter is incomparable, but it’s also intimidating.

Most average hunters who’ve yet to experience a western big game adventure assume it’s near-impossible to book, plan, and afford a hunting trip for something like mule deer or pronghorn. They’d be wrong, and the folks of Gillette-Wright want to set the record straight.

The Gillette-Wright area is home to 4,802 square miles of near-pristine western hunting land, and licenses are regularly accessible and reasonably inexpensive. The out-of-state hunting license application period opened on January 3, 2017 and goes until May 31, with the draw held in early June.

There’s no better place to get a youngster into the sport either, especially when you consider the money and effort saved through the help that’s readily available.

Because the towns’ location in Campbell County consists mostly of private land, it’s always wise to hire a local outfitter, someone who can get hunters into places where the general hunting public cannot access, or at least knows very little about.

If hunters from anywhere in the country are serious about getting a trophy pronghorn out west, they should hire an outfitter and conduct a scouting trip during the spring or summer months. That way, they can meet the outfitter, scout the area, and familiarize themselves with the landscape and game.

With this easy and meaningful trip, they are not showing up unprepared come hunting season, a common fallback that unsuccessful hunters often face.

But when you’re talking about one of the coolest, something-for-everyone kind of area, convincing your family to go to Campbell County with you as a summer trip (while you spend some time scouting) won’t be nearly as difficult as you thought.

Devils Tower is a short drive away, and things like museums, events, and all kinds of tours are at your disposal.

Look into what it takes to book a trip and find an outfitter, and you’ll be well on your way to Wyoming come hunting season.


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Campbell County, Wyoming Represents Your Best Bet at Legitimate Western Trophy Hunting