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The Secret to Bagging the Most Sought-After Game Animal in America

Going on a pronghorn hunt should be added to every hunter's bucket list.

Debate all you want, but there's one thing we know: anyone who's experienced a pronghorn hunt in the western U.S. knows something others don't.

They understand that finding a memorable, incredibly awesome hunting scenario, one that most would think is only available in exotic locations, is easier than assumed.

Think about it: the most rugged scenery imaginable, where the wildlife outnumbers the people almost ten to one. Picturesque mountains and habitat, ideal for a true backcountry hunting excursion.

Then there's the actual hunt, which is hard to describe. The fastest land animal in the Americas, the pronghorn antelope is a marvel to witness in their natural landscape. Finding them can be a chore, but once you do, one of the greatest possible experiences in the hunting pantheon falls upon you.

The Secret

There's a part of this that we'll let you in on, as long as you promise to use the information wisely, and take it upon yourself to act with this knowledge. When it comes to deciding where to go for a first class pronghorn hunt, there are no shortage of options.

The secret is, putting yourself in a position to see antelope is nearly more than half the battle, so upping the odds in your favor ahead of time can be a huge benefit. So where does that leave you? New Mexico? Montana? Arizona?

With one simple fact, we can help narrow it down. There are more trophy class pronghorn bucks per capita in Wyoming than any other state.

With over 4,802 square miles, Campbell County, Wyoming houses vast numbers of whitetail and mule deer, pronghorn antelope and small herds of elk. If you want to plan a serious pronghorn hunt, then the Gillette-Wright area is where to look.

The terrain in this particular location benefits the hunter, as elevation changes and outcrops help sneak up on the wary game animals. Pronghorn have impeccable eyesight, and when there's more vegetation and structure to hide behind, the better your chances.

A fine selection of outfitters awaits, and you will instantly be surprised at how inexpensive it can be when compared to other hunts that are assumed to be on the same level.

Without a doubt, the Gillette-Wright location, known as Monumental Wyoming, will deliver the trophy pronghorn buck any hunter would be proud of. Stack the odds in your favor, and add your own chapter to the biggest secret in American hunting.


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The Secret to Bagging the Most Sought-After Game Animal in America