Video: That Time Cameron Hanes Set an Archery World Record

Watch Cameron Hanes break an archery world record by breaking a balloon at 237 yards.

Long-range shooting is an effective addition to any bowhunter's practice regimen.

Although you shouldn't attempt to kill big-game animals at 237 yards with a bow, the form and focus required to hit a balloon at that distance will make you more efficient at hunting ranges.

And, using a Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo, Cam Hanes actually pulls it off.

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A good rule of thumb is to practice at twice the distance you plan to shoot out in the field during hunting season. For example, if you can consistently hit the vitals on a 3D deer at 80 yards, you should be able to shoot confidently to 40 yards while hunting.

Cameron Hanes is an exceptional archer and most people will never be able to make a shot like this, but hunters can increase their chances of success by practicing often and using solid shooting form.