Cam Hanes

Cam Hanes Calls Out Saturday Night Live and the Rest of the Uninformed Public on Hunting

Saturday Night Live attempts to crack jokes at the sport of hunting and demonize hunters, and Cam Hanes wants it to stop.

Cam Hanes has been a voice of reason and great ambassador for our tradition of hunting. As hunters, we face more and more controversy everyday, mostly because there are a lot of ill-informed people who'll believe anything they hear.

Take this segment from Saturday Night Live, for example. This video shows Cam taking in the segment and then sounding off on the matter.

As we say a lot, it's important we take a stance and use opportunities to educate people on hunting before more ill-informed people take garbage like this to heart.

Hunting is a tradition that helped build this country, brought countless families together for generations and brings countless memories to our lives. It also provides lean, organic table fare to our dining room tables. Call it what you want, SNL, but it's not a joke, and we'll always be here to set the facts straight.

Well done, Cam.