Cabot Unveils Matching Left and Right 1911s Made Completely of Damascus

If you're a fan of Damascus steel, these matching 1911s are just what you've been looking for.

For those who pay attention to the gun market, especially 1911s, you know it's not uncommon to see Cabot Guns name on the list of innovators. The Sarver, Pennsylvania, company is consistently pushing the envelope of design and style. Some of our favorites include the American Joe Commander and anything in their high-mirror finish. However, nothing's really compared to the full Damascus construction they recently unveiled.

But wait, you say, Cabot has been manufacturing high-quality Damascus guns for a while now, right? Well, yes, but not until recently were they able to do a complete Damascus gun including small parts.

There truly isn't another gun on the planet like this right-handed 1911. Well, except for the matching left-handed version.

These two pieces are true works of art, making them almost too nice to shoot. Almost...

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