Byton K-Byte

Electric Car Startup Byton Unveils the K-Byte Sedan Concept

Chinese electric car startup Byton just revealed its second autonomous sedan concept, the K-Byte.

Debuting at a Shanghai event in the lead up to the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Asia, the K-Byte is built on the same platform as the startup company's inaugural M-Byte sedan with Aurora's Level 4 autonomous system. Its specs comprise of side and rear lidar sensors in rooftop configuration with secondary lidar units placed below the side-view mirrors, doubling as warning lights.

Byton K-Byte

Byton K-Byte

Tech on Wheels

Its signature feature is its 4-foot dashboard screen with 5G capability, spanning the entire length of the dash with enough bandwidth up to 1000MB/s. Along with a large touchpad integrated into the steering wheel, the car also incorporates facial recognition, AI, voice, Amazon Alexa, and gesture controls.

On the design side, it is built to futuristic proportions with a flattened trunk lid and slim taillights extending the length of the rear fascia.

Byton K-Byte

Get a look at the slick Byton K-Byte

Formerly known as Future Mobility, the brand recently completed a $500 million investment round with the opening of a new headquarters, research, and development centers in China, Germany, and Santa Clara, California. Prior, it announced its intentions to launch three new models by 2022, including one seating up to seven passengers.

Look for the K-Byte EV to start testing next year with a full roll-out by 2021.

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