Byton Concept: The Electric SUV of the Future is Here

A new electric SUV, the Byton concept, is making waves with one of the first interactive display concepts of its kind.

In this clip, numerous futuristic OLED and fiber optic lighting effects flash across the SUV's nose and tail, with the Byton badge in all its prominence.

The video declares "new design semantics" before taking us to the interior of the vehicle.

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The interior features minimalist styling, composed of brushed metal and plastic surfaces. A display panel stretches the entire width of the dashboard. Other displays include one on the steering wheel and headrest-mounted screens for rear passengers. A gesture recognition system appears, with a separate display panel responding to a variety of inputs.

The video ends with a full exterior render of the SUV. The lighting and overall shape are not dissimilar to the Jaguar F-Pace and Lamborghini Urus with its blacked-out B, C, and D pillars, along with flat paint and aggressive body lines accent the exterior.

Founded in 2016, Future Mobility Corporation is a Chinese automobile company founded by former Nissan and BMW executives. They formed the nameplate Byton, a play-on-words using the phrases "bytes" and "on" to represent connectivity in automobiles.

Look for the Byton to go to market by Q4 2019.


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