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Would You Buy a Folding Glock Pistol?

would you buy a folding glock pistol

So how good of an idea is a folding pistol, anyway?

Well, this Glock has been made into a folding pistol.

After watching this video ask yourself, would you buy a folding Glock pistol?

In a video shared on Facebook by RECOIL, we see one very odd Glock pistol. This is not a custom weapon, though. This converted Glock 19 is called the Full Conceal M3 and is now in prototype. It advertises 26 rounds of 9mm from a foldable pistol. They're planning to make it available this fall for $1,200.

This video has me scratching my head on the practicability of such as weapon. How much space is saved when this pistol is folded and inoperable? Could the user under stress unfold his gun, load and shoot before getting shot by incoming fire? These are questions to ask before you shell out the cash. Would you buy one when they become available?


Would You Buy a Folding Glock Pistol?