sandhill cranes
Chris Nyhus/Facebook

Bully Tom Turkey Boots Pair of Sandhill Cranes Off His Turf

No one likes a bully.

You never know what your trail camera will capture once it's set it up. For many, that's the fun of the 'extra set of eyes,' and Wisconsin resident Chris Nyhus captured a pretty random - and cool - interaction on his cam back on April 3.

It would appear at first that a pair of sandhill cranes had chosen a nice grassy clearing to get in a bit of courtship dancing. All looks fine and dandy, that is until a tom turkey enters stage left and proceeds to bully the bigger birds right off his turf. (Typical 'small man' complex).

Here's the cool footage, captured on a Browning trail camera:

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An interesting interaction and cool insight into what goes on in nature. You don't have to be big to be top dog.

Bullies... There's one in the woods and on the school playground.

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