Bullet Vs Block Of Lead: Who Will Win?

Bullet vs. a Block of Lead: Who Wins?

Ever wonder what will happen if you shoot a giant block of lead? Well, the guys at Demolition Ranch were curious too, so they conducted this test to find out what would happen.

After shooting a block of solid aluminum with various different guns to see what would happen, they decided to do the same thing to a giant block of lead. Lead is incredibly dense (watch what happens when he drops it on that cinder block), but it's also relatively soft, which makes it a pretty interesting target.

Over the course of the video, he shoots the block with a .22 LR, a 9mm, a .45 ACP, a .500 S&W Magnum, a 12 gauge shotgun slug, a .223 Remington, a .308 Winchester, and (naturally) the mighty .50 BMG.

Watch the video to see what happens. The results might be a little surprising. By the way, he actually starts shooting the block of lead at the 3:40 mark if you want to skip ahead.

As you can see, all of the bullets made pretty impressive holes in the block of lead, though none penetrated more than a few inches. It's a good thing he moved back when he started shooting rifle bullets at it though, because they really threw a bunch of debris off the block when they hit.

While the results were interesting, I'm not really sure how useful they'll be to you in your everyday life. However, if you've always wondered what a bullet will do to a block of lead, now you have your answer.

On random note, does he remind anyone else of Chris Pratt with guns?

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