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Life’s Great Question: Is Aluminum Bulletproof?

Have you ever wondered if aluminum is bulletproof?

Aluminum is known for being a softer metal, but could this mean that’s still might be bulletproof? Demoltion Ranch has cube of solid aluminum and are looking for answers.

See for yourself if aluminum is bulletproof.

They first test out a .22 LR pistol and notice that the divot created was around 2mm. Those results were pretty interesting, they soon upped the ante to a 9mm hollow point bullet. They continued to increase the firepower all the way up to a .308 rifle.

The aluminum block surprisingly held up well against most of the calibers, but didn’t always fair nicely against some of the larger rounds.

The .50 cal sniper rifle’s armor piercing round was stopped by the aluminum block. I was honestly surprised by the durability of the target. So would a block of aluminum be bulletproof? According to this video, yes.



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Life’s Great Question: Is Aluminum Bulletproof?