Bulldog Warns Scary Movie Victims When Bad Guys Are Coming

You should never watch a horror movie without this Bulldog by your side. 

Many pets are entranced by the moving pictures on the television screen, but Khaleesi the Bulldog takes pet TV watching to a whole new level. This special pup loves to watch horror movies. More impressively, she can anticipate when the bad guy is going to strike, and barks to warn the victims.

Like any great movie buff, Khaleesi is on the edge of her seat while watching a movie. Her eyes never leave the screen, and she seems to be following the plot, at least enough to distinguish good guy from bad.

In this clip, she is watching a scene from the 2013 movie "The Conjuring." During the scene, the youngest daughter first sees the dark presence that haunts their home. Khaleesi's perfectly-timed barks make it clear that she knows just when the presence will appear.

Watch how she remains quiet during most of the clip, but releases her powerful bark whenever she suspects danger.

Khaleesi's determination to warn the imaginary victims is admirable, if a bit misplaced.

But it just goes to show that dogs really are man's best friend!

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This article was originally published June 19, 2017.

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