Bull Elk
YouTube: Utah DWR

Bull Elk Face Hilariously Face Plants Leaping Fence, Recovers to Keep Chasing Cow

This bull face-planting into the dirt is the perfect metaphor for 2020.

During the heat of the rut, big bucks and bulls are known for doing some incredibly stupid things in pursuit of a doe or cow. Some of those things end up being dumber than others.

This big bull elk attempts to make a graceful leap over a fence on a hillside that turns into a truly epic fail when he crashes and burns down the hill and into the road.

Fortunately, someone was there with a camera to catch the whole thing on video and we now present to you this bull's truly hilarious face plant. It's sure to give you a chuckle in an otherwise hard year.


We admit, we watched this back at least a dozen times and could not stop laughing at this poor bull's plight. At least he was not hurt in this tumble. We have seen other elk leaps that did not end quite so smoothly.

Hey, we give that face plant a 10 out of 10. We have seen a few elk tumbles here at Wide Open Spaces in recent years. This is one is by far the funniest and just what we needed in the middle of a long and hard work week. Hey, to his credit, he made one heck of a recovery!

For a little more context on this video, it was shot by Utah DWR biologist Brian Maxfield from his vehicle. The elk rut was in full swing in Utah at the time and the post says this bull was hot on the trail of a cow when he made his spectacular blunder. Let's hope his lady friend wasn't watching, how embarrassing!

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