Buck Shows a Face of Sheer Terror After Realizing What's Above Him

You would have thought this buck saw a ghost. He saw a hunter, which is probably worse in his book.

Do deer really have, and even show, emotions? Well, that is something someone a lot smarter than me would have to answer. But, based on this video, a man could guess yes.

This buck stops in its tracks, knowing something just doesn't feel right. Like that feeling that someone is watching you. In a hilarious video, this buck slowly looks up, and his eyes tell the story.

Surprised, terrified, the blood floods right out of his face before he spins and runs for the hills.

The footage is rather strange and also super funny. The rise of the eyes almost resembles that of a human when they experience something frightening.

It just makes you wonder what exactly the buck was thinking?

Let your imagination run wild and send us your best caption here.

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