katana fishing
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Buck Medley Goes Fishing with a Cold Steel Katana

If there's one type of fishing we'd have to bet you haven't tried, it's probably katana fishing. Take a look as Buck Medley gives it a try for the first time.

Chances are, katana fishing is something that you probably haven't tried, and to be quite honest probably shouldn't. Wading out into a river and attempting to stab a giant buffalo carp with a katana blade is not exactly the safest way to fish, but it is quite exciting. Take a look below as Buck Medley takes his new Cold Steel Katana and gives katana fishing his best effort.

While this type of fishing certainly looks quite entertaining and offers some amazing results when you are successful. Katana fishing is not something we recommend running to the river to try; sword accidents are no joke and can turn nasty in no time. We recommend if you want to catch a fish by stabbing it that you start with bowfishing, and make sure you eat or donate the fish to someone who can use it.

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