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Bowfishing Arrow Cam Shows Asian Carp Taking the Hit [VIDEO]

arrow cam

This arrow cam brings  new aspect to recording shots that we have never seen before.

The new arrow cam by Tim Wells shows off its tremendous ability to capture amazing archery footage.

In this bowfishing video, the arrow cam gives us a pilot’s seat view as it flies to its target. Check out this awesome footage of the arrow cam in the video below.

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This Asian Carp taking a hit appears to be the first of what promises to be many videos captured using the arrow cam. With the waterproof capabilites, the hunting and fishing possibilities with it are virtually limitless.

I do wonder how it effects the shooting of the bow, but it didn’t seem to bother the guy who took the flying carp, so it seems like the adjustment may be an easy one.

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Bowfishing Arrow Cam Shows Asian Carp Taking the Hit [VIDEO]