Bubba 7” Flex Folding Fillet Knife
Bubba Blade

Bubba Blade Introduces New 7" Flex Folding Fillet Knife

The new Bubba 7" flex fillet knife adds more options to the company's versatile blade lineup. 

When it comes to high-quality fishing and filleting gear, Bubba Blade knives is increasingly becoming known as one of the names to trust here in the United States. The team at Bubba Blade has been extremely busy the last few years introducing a powerful electric fillet knife, robust sets of fishing pliers, and recently, an interchangeable knife system featuring full tang construction.

Now they have another new release, the 7-blade length, Tapered Flex folding knife. Here's the lowdown on their latest release.

Bubba Blade already has a 7-inch tapered flex fishing knife that has already proven extremely popular with anglers, especially those who regularly fish saltwater. This new knife is much the same, except the blade folds and locks back into the handle. The idea is to make a filet knife that offers the same reliability as the fixed blade, but with more portability.

This tapered flex fillet knife features Bubba's signature non-slip grip handle. If you haven't handled any of Bubba's products before, this handle makes it easy to use their tools even when your hands are thoroughly coated with fish slime.

The high carbon stainless steel blade is also coated with a titanium nitride to help keep it sharp and corrosion-free. This razor sharp blade should make short work of the scales and spines of fish while skinning and preparing your meals. This new flex knife measures about 15 inches overall including the seven inch blade and eight inch handle. Safety guards keep your hands away from the blades during filleting and sharpening.

It looks like Bubba Blade has another hit new fillet knife on their hands. As spring fishing starts to heat up, we're sure this knife will see plenty of action. Visit Bubba Blade knifes for more information.

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