Box of Spiders
YouTube: Brave Wilderness

Daredevil Puts Head in Spider Box for More Than 2 Minutes

Coyote Peterson's wildest stunt yet may be putting his head in a box full of spider.

If you have ever watched the Brave Wilderness channel on YouTube, you have probably cringed a little at some of the creepy insects and arachnids Coyote Peterson has handled over the years. After his lengthy tour of the world feeling the stings of the world's most dangerous insects, we thought we had seen it all from him.

We were wrong. His latest video is nothing short of the worst nightmare of anyone with arachnophobia. He constructs a glass box with a hole in the bottom that he sticks his head through.

Then, he pours a whole bunch of large, golden orb-weaver spiders into the box where they all crawl around on his head and face. If you do not like spiders, be warned that this one may make you squirm a little bit!

We just do not know what to say anymore with Coyote. There is a great message about nature here. That is that spiders are mostly harmless arachnids. In fact, they are quite beneficial to the environment and to humans because they eat a lot of pest bugs and insects that would otherwise probably overwhelm homes and backyards.

Still, we would never go as far as sticking our head into a glass box full of the things just to prove that point! We like the warning that prefaces the stunt advising everyone not to try this at home. Yeah, we do not think you need to worry about that Coyote, even in this crazy modern Internet age where YouTube stunts are the norm!

In a weird way, this video makes you squirm more than some of his sting and bite videos. Even the one where he let a giant desert centipede bite his arm.  Thanks for the entertaining lesson on spiders Coyote. What will he do to top this one? A box full of scorpions and snakes?

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