Bowhunting Black Bear
YouTube: Tim Wells Bow Hunter

Female Bowhunter Stalks and Arrows Big Black Bear at Close Range

Black bear hunting doesn't get much more exciting.

Any sort of large predator hunting is exciting, especially when it come to black bear hunting in a spot and stalk fashion on the ground. Nothing else quite compares to going eye-to-eye with an animal that could very easily cause a lot of damage to you if it wanted. The tension gets ratcheted up a few notches when you're bowhunting these animals.

Case in point, this hunt featuring Tim Wells and his daughter Sydnie. We've seen her hunt a few times on her father's show and she's just as talented with a bow as the old man. In this video, the two spot a couple bears wandering near a backcountry road and they appear to be fighting over food.

They take advantage of this situation to try and put in a spot and stalk for the larger of the two bruins, who is feasting on a freshly killed beaver. What happens next is a pulse-pounding close range hunt.

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You can't get much closer to a black bear than that without also potentially ending up a meal, or at the very least, mauled by the bruin. This bear's determination to not leave his snack ended up being his downfall. It was enough of a distraction to allow Sydnie the chance to sneak into position for a shot that would be hard to miss.

After seeing that bear on the ground and seeing the size of the animal's head, there's no doubt that beast could have turned on the hunters and done some damage had he really wanted to. That bruin had a HUGE head!

This video also shows that Canada is probably the best place in North America to go bear hunting. The animals are so numerous up there that it isn't uncommon for many hunters to come away with two animals on their trip. That's a lot of meat in the freezer and an incredible memory that you'll never forget!

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