Piebald deer
YouTube: Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper

Bowhunter Makes Perfect Shot on Gnarly Piebald Buck in Maryland

Few hunters ever have the chance to see a piebald buck in the wild at any point in their lives. Even fewer have the change to actually take one—where it's legal—as even when they do make an appearance, rarely does it happen during hunting season while a lucky man or woman is holding a gun or bow at the ready.

This video takes those rarities to all new heights, as here we have a hunter who not only was able to spot and harvest a piebald deer, but was also fortunate enough to capture the entire sequence on camera. Phillip Culpepper, a seasoned hunter and cameraman out of Maryland took to the deer woods with a group of friends when the deer gods chose him to experience the unfathomable, and he was generous enough to share it with the world.

Despite the rumors of bad luck superstitions that attach to these deer like a bad parasite, Culpepper never hesitated to let an arrow fly. And, whether you believe in the curse of piebalds or not, you can't deny this bowhunter looks pretty lucky right about now.

This is one of the most unique hunting videos we have seen in a while. We have seen plenty of videos of piebald and albino deer in the past. However, seeing someone harvest one, especially a buck as cool as this, is something else entirely. What an exciting hunt and a great-looking buck!

Phillip's shot placement was perfect on this deer as he went down within sight of the stand. We can only imagine the incredible shot of adrenaline he got from this buck. Most hunters would be happy with a deer that had a rack as cool as this one. The buck being albino was just the icing on the cake.

Note that he saw a young piebald doe the day before harvesting this buck. There's little question that this is an older buck and that his genetics are fully ingrained into the local herd. Congratulations to Phillip on an awesome buck. We don't blame him for talking about a full body mount. A deer like this is what full body taxidermy forms are built for!

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