All images by Brad Smith

Bowdagger is the ATA 2017 Archery Accessory That Just Makes Sense

Bowdagger is one archery accessory that everyone should have on their bow or crossbow. 

Isn't it great when you see something on the market and ask yourself why you didn't think of it first? That's exactly how I felt when talking with Dax Bunch, the owner of Bowdagger, at the ATA show in Indianapolis, IN. Bowdagger actually is exactly what the name describes, it's a dagger for your bow. However, what this dagger does is allow you to stand your bow or crossbow up vertically in the field without having to lay it on the ground or snow.


As you can see in the pictures, Bowdagger simply attaches to the bottom of your bow. It then acts as a counterbalance for smoother and more accurate shooting. However, when not in use, your bow then turns into its own kickstand in the ground using the dagger. Brilliant!

The exact same accessory works on a crossbow as well. What makes this archery device even more slick is the fact it can be coupled with a tree stand attachment. With this device on the bottom of a treestand, the dagger slips in for temporary storage of your bow or crossbow while waiting on a deer.


I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing Bowdaggers creeping up in stores all over the country sooner rather than later. For only $99, it seems like a no-brainer.