5 Stylish Bow Ties for Dogs That Are Perfect for Special Events & Holidays

A dog bow tie is one of the most affordable dog accessories that never fails to make a statement. Why have your pet wear just a basic dog collar when he can look so much more dapper instead?

From plaid designs to polka dots, there are even best sellers that work with a pet tuxedo. Make every day fashionable for your best friend. Every dog lover needs at least one bow tie set in their dog clothing stash because when the time comes for your pooch to look his absolute best, you want him to be ready for it. These adjustable collar bow ties are far more stylish than a dog bandana. Don't ya think?

Which one would look cutest on your doggie? Check out our Amazon picks for your fur baby. Life is way too short to be boring. Bring on the hair bows and bow tie dog collars.

5 Best Bow Ties for Your Furry Friends

1. Freewindo Dog Bow Ties, 9pcs Adjustable Cat Bow Ties, Dog Bowties for Small Medium Large Dogs and Adult Cats 

This set of 9 pieces will outfit the whole furry friend clan in style. Adjustable collars will fit cats to large dogs.

2. Spring Summer Dog Collar Attachment Bows Slide Fruit Hawaiian Styles Dog Bowtie 3.7" Double Layered Dog Bows Removable pet Grooming Ties 8pcs/Pack 

Someone is ready for summer. You can't go wrong when things heat up with this 8-piece set of Hawaiian and fruit theme bow tie dog collars.

3. 30 Pieces Summer Pet Tie Set Fruit and Hawaii Pattern Cooling Summer Style Dog Neck and Bow Ties with Adjustable Collar for Dogs Cats Summer Day Supplies 

How about a tie to go with those sunny skies? 30 pieces of colorful patterned ties will keep all your household pets accessorized.

4. BWOGUE Plaid Dog Bow Ties,10pcs Pet Bowties Cat Bow Ties,Adjustable Bowties for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats Pets Grooming Accessories 

What more can we say? When in doubt, wear the plaid collar. You'll have 10 pieces to choose from in this set.

5. Masue Pets Spring Summer Dog Bow Ties 3.2" Bow Butterfly pet Ties Dog Ties Collar fit for Small and Middle Size pet

There's a bow tie for all seasons, simply pick from Halloween, butterflies, Christmas, rainbows, pinwheels, polka dots, and more. How could you ever get bored with a collection like this for your fur baby to sport? You can tie these cute little bows around your pet's ears or affix them to their collar for added style.

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