A stand-up paddleboard/kayak hybrid for fishing.
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BOTE Introduces New Rackham Aero Inflatable Paddleboard with Pedal Drive System

The new BOTE Rackham Aero features an APEX pedal drive system.

When it comes to unique new watercraft for fishing adventure, BOTE has just introduced something totally new and unique to the landscape.

The new inflatable BOTE Rockham Aero paddleboard further blurs the lines between standard paddleboards and kayaks thanks to an APEX Pedal Drive system being included as an upgrade to an already versatile craft.

The 12 foot, 4-inch paddle board can now be navigated totally hands free, meaning you can spend more time casting and less time fighting tides or underwater currents.

Here are some of the specs and other useful information to know about this unique and versatile addition to the crossover fishing space from BOTE.

BOTE Rockham Aero Paddleboard

Boasting a weight capacity of 400 pounds, the new Rockham Aero Paddleboard is designed specifically for fishing and features a two-chamber construction. BOTE added additional rails and side fins to help with tracking and increase stability, allowing anglers to sit or stand based on preference or the type of angling situation.

The deck is recessed to keep a lower center of gravity, which helps give this unique craft its stability. That means you get the best of both worlds, combing a kayak and stand-up paddleboard for the ultimate fishing vessel.

The entire craft collapses down and fits into a 41 x 19 x 13 inch travel bag that's going to be much easier to fit and transport than a traditional paddleboard (especially with smaller vehicles). BOTE includes a hand pump and repair kit standard with this paddleboard.

The Rockham Aero also has a removable aero padded seat. BOTE built this paddleboard with a kick-up, spring-loaded rudder that will help keep it from getting stuck or damaged if it bumps into something. You'll won't have to worry about the state of the rudder in the shallows.

BOTE is offering the Rockham Aero in a few different color style options including "Bug Slinger," "Classic Cypress," "Full Trax Jade," and "Verge Camo."

The pedal system

You can acquire this unique paddleboard by itself or as a package that includes the APEX pedal drive and rudder system (otherwise, the pedal drive is sold separately). The pedal system has a 10:1 gear ratio so you can easily navigate your favorite lake or stream with ease. They built the pedal system so anglers can effortlessly shift hands free from forward to reverse and back again. That's going to make it a lot easier when getting into tight spots in cover, and when fighting larger fish.

Meanwhile, they did not overcomplicate the steering system of this unique craft. Natural controls mean if you turn the lever left, your paddle board will go left, and vice versa. Anglers and recreational paddleboarders are going to love the simplicity.

On top of all those features, BOTE also built in a clear porthole viewing window into the drive's base. That way, you can quickly glance down and see water conditions as well as inspect your drive system underwater.

"The new Rackham is one of the coolest things we make," BOTE CEO and Co-Founder Corey Cooper said in the product's press announcement. "The DNA is an awesome adventure paddleboard with enough volume to load all the gear and be able to do whatever you want. Whether it's a larger person or just more weight (like more gear or even your faithful dog), the Rackham can hold it all. Now with the APEX Pedal Drive integration and seat tie downs, the Rackham evolves into a badass crossover between a hybrid kayak pedal drive and a SUP."

One thing is for sure, this is one unique piece of fishing equipment. The Rockham Aero and many compatible accessories are already available anywhere BOTE products are sold, and online at BOTEboard.com.

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