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Kayak Angler Lands Two Bass on Same Cast Using a Bird Lure

Bird Lure
YouTube: The Fish Whisperer

Why aren't there more bird lures?

The largemouth bass has a voracious appetite. Every angler knows this. These fish will eat anything and everything they can fit in their mouths. Usually, their diet consists of minnows, bluegills, shad and other baitfish. With a nice mix of insects, crawfish and frogs thrown in the mix too. However, we also know these fish will lots of other small animals including birds.

So, why aren't there more lures designed to look like birds or ducks that may be part of a bass' diet? That's a good question that we don't fully have the answer to.

However, it seems this may be an avenue worth exploring more deeply based on this video from the Fish Whisperer. Watch as he lands bass after bass on a surface bird lure. At one point he catches two on the same cast! The double catch happens about three minutes into the video.

Well, we're sold on this lure after watching that. Talk about an action-packed video! This lure has some incredible surface action that these bass simply could not resist. Sometimes it's just a matter of tossing something that the fish have never seen before that makes for a great day on the water. The double catch alone would have made our day regardless of the size of the fish. It just doesn't happen that often.

We were amazed by how many strikes he had up close next to the kayak. The fish were clearly in a feeding mood and he had the right lure and presentation for the situation. It's telling when two fish end up hooked on your lure simultaneously that you are doing something right.

This makes us wonder how effective other lures closely matching native birds would fare in our home waters. Perhaps there's a whole niche of lure making that many manufacturers are missing out on by focusing on the usual bass prey items.

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Kayak Angler Lands Two Bass on Same Cast Using a Bird Lure