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10 Not-So-Boring Things to Do in Boring, Oregon

With a name like Boring, most people never think of visiting this tiny Oregon city outside the Portland metropolitan area. The fact that its sister cities are named Dull, Scotland, and Bland, Australia, certainly doesn't help the matter.

But if you're expecting to spend a dull day in this Clackamas County city, think again. Below is a list of fun things you to do in and outside of the city limits.

10 Things to Do in Boring, Oregon

1. Liepold Farms

Whether you're picking your own berries in Spring, or maneuvering the corn maze in Fall, Liepold Farms has to be on your Boring list. This family-owned farm has been in business for over 70 years, so they know how to grow a gourd or two. In fact, the farm supplies Oregon's favorite burger chain, Burgerville, with a lot of the produce they use in seasonal shakes and specials.

2. North American Bigfoot Center

We're talking about the mythical creature, not the monster truck. Just east of the town of Boring, where where U.S. Hwy 26 meets the 212, you'll find this fun museum and shop.

As close as you are to the Mt. Hood National Forest, you might just catch a blurry glimpse of the furry critter yourself!

3. Boring & Dull Day Festivities

Remember when we said there was nothing dull and boring going on in or around Boring? Well, it turns out the reverse is true: Rather than something dull and boring to do, there's something boring and dull to do.

Every August 9th since 2013, Boring celebrates annual Boring & Dull day in commemoration of its bond with its Scottish sister city, Dull. The celebration includes performances by kilted bagpipe players and barbershop quartets.

4. "Everything Sucks!"

The Netflix series "Everything Sucks!" was actually filmed in Boring. For better or worse, the show only ran for one season. Whether you were a fan of the show or you're interested in an ironic excursion, consider creeping through the town in search of shooting locations.

But please note, when it comes to Boring High School, save yourself some time. It turns out that it doesn't really exist.

5. Barton Park

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Located at the south end of the city, Barton Park is a great place to go if you want easy access to the Clackamas River. The park has both a boat ramp and a campground, making it a great destination for nomads looking for a place to cool off.

6. Mountain View Golf Course

As the name suggests, this 18-hole course has a great view of nearby Mount Hood. The course also features a driving range and a restaurant named the Leaderboard Lounge. Liepold Farms is just across the way, as well as another 9-hole golf course, just in case you didn't get enough golf.

7. Check Out Mount Hood

You can get a great view of the mighty mountain from many points in the city, like the golf course listed above...

...But it also only takes about an hour to get to the Mount Hood area from the Cascade foothills where Boring is located. If it's winter, you can look forward to some great skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and so on. When there's no snow on the slopes, there are trails to be hiked, nearby lakes to swim in, and wonderful campgrounds to overnight at.

No matter the weather, you should visit the Timberline Lodge, which you might recognize as the exterior of the Overlook Hotel from the movie The Shining. If you go to the front desk and ask for the axe from the movie, they'll let you have it. Not like that! You know what we mean...

8. Hit the Columbia River

The Columbia River you know and love from the Oregon Trail video game series is just 8 miles north of Boring, placing it practically in the town's backyard. Go just a little further east and you'll find yourself in the majestic Columbia River Gorge, which is more or less Oregon's answer to Yosemite. You could even consider visiting the Gorge's state-operated nude beach, at Rooster Rock.

Of course, if the outdoors aren't your thing, there's always the popular Columbia Gorge Outlets and the classic Sugarpine Drive-In, both located in neighboring Troutdale.

9. Even More Rivers

While the Columbia River and Gorge are truly something to behold, there are other discreet spots not that far away. For those interested in finding a lowkey swimming hole, try taking a short drive to the nearby Sandy or Clackamas Rivers. Although they both have established recreation areas at different points along their winding shores, everyone really just parks on the side of the road and jumps in wherever they please.

10. Drop in on Portland

As the crow flies, Downtown Portland is only a little over 20 miles from Boring, Oregon. If you happen to be one of those few visiting from somewhere other than PDX, consider taking the short drive through Gresham into the metro area. The city is well known for its delicious and affordable food scene.

If you're a real trooper, you can even hike all the way there on the Spring Water Trail.

Alpaca Farm? Alpaca my bags!

We're sad to report that the Starr Alpaca Farm that once resided in Boring has moved to Prineville, Oregon. But you'll be happy to know the alpacas prefer the dry, high desert weather. If you're ever in Central Oregon around the Bend area, consider giving them a visit.

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