Boring Company Tunnel

Boring Company Tunnel Maps Released in Los Angeles

The Boring Company tunnel system looks to alleviate heavy traffic areas, starting with Los Angeles.

The much-talked-about Boring Company tunnel, Elon Musk's tunnel system underneath the Greater Los Angeles area, is getting closer and closer to opening to the public. The project itself has been a little mum over the last few months, but Musk—the genius/visionary/busiest guy in the world with Tesla and SpaceX—has slowly been releasing footage and images of his experience dreaming up the project.

Business Insider

The proposed system of tunnels for the Boring Company

Now, according to Business Insider, Musk has released new maps showing proposed tunnel systems of the Boring Company. The Boring Company tunnel system was made to create the tunnels for an underground transportation network in Los Angeles to help alleviate congested traffic above ground.

Musk initially started the Boring Company because he hated driving around in traffic (same, Elon, same). The tunnel system in Los Angeles, California operates under I-105 and include large electric skates that transport cars at speeds of up to 150MPH. The future plan is to use the tunnels for a Hyperloop mass transit system, which is proposing public transit options of passenger travel at 700MPH.

Musk has overseen the construction of a test tunnel, which features a 6.5-mile "proof of concept" tunnel that allows the Boring Company to do test runs before being approved by Los Angeles county and local governments. If all goes well in Los Angeles, Musk hopes to open the tunnels in other major locations like Washington, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco.

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