Boots Off to the Campers Best Friend, the Mighty Sleeping Bag

An ode to the sleeping bag and the versatile selection we have these days.

When you pack up for a camping trip, what is your most comforting item you choose? After a tent, most would pick a sleeping bag.

It can be used for the obvious (duh, sleeping in), but can also serve as a picnic blanket, a makeshift shade provider, and a lifesaving amenity should an emergency with cold temperatures arise.

We should all take the opportunity to learn what's out there, and find the sleeping bag that fits our needs the closest.

Here are some of the variations available of the incredible sleeping bag.

Canvas Hunter

Big, roomy, made of tough canvas, and ready for years of heavy use.

-20 Degrees Bag

The nights get mighty cold in some of the most beautiful places to camp, but that shouldn't stop us. What better way to stay warm and comfortable than to zip up into a warm sleeping bag? This is especially the case in cold climates where a sleeping bag might save your life.

Camo Surplus Bag

In many areas the seasons cause no specific sleeping bag to work all the time perfect. That is where a good U.S. Military 3-Layer ECWS Sleeping Bag System is perfect. It changes with what you want to add or remove.

Double Sleeping Bag

Do you have a special someone with you camping? Stay warmer with a snuggle in a great double sleeping bag.

Tactical Sleeping Bag

Not a fan of being zipped up to your neck maybe in such areas as bear country? Get a sleeping bag with arms and a hood.