bobcat attacks

Bobcat Attacks Wildlife Officer in Florida, Officials Fear Rabies

When a bobcat attacks, you don't want to be on the receiving end. 

Officials are warning the locals around Venice, Florida that a rabies outbreak may be happening. Why? Well, there has been a few bobcat attacks lately and it has some people awfully concerned. One bobcat that was captured, after the attack you are about to see, tested positive for rabies. The other bobcat that attacked a person, approximately four miles from this incident, is still at large. However, officials are connecting some dots and they all point to rabies.

Just check out this video posted to YouTube of a Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer trying to capture the infected bobcat after it strolled into a home through an open door.

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Luckily, this officer only received a few scratches. According to the report, things could have been a lot worse, but thanks to his kevlar vest, the bobcat couldn't sink its claws in. Regardless of the severity, he was still treated with the full regimen of preventative rabies treatment.

Since this video surfaced, an official rabies warning has been issued for the Venice, Florida area. All residents should be advised that all animals are at risk and any animals acting strangely should be avoided and authorities should be notified. This warning will last for the next 60 days.

In the meantime, if you see a bobcat, just run away. It's safer that way.