Thousand Islands

Boating and Fishing in NY's Thousand Islands Take a Big Hit Due to High Water

A barricade on the public dock in Alexandria Bay, New York says it all: high water is putting a damper on the summer boating season.

With Lake Ontario and Great Lakes water levels at all-time highs, the effects are being felt all the way into one of North America's best fisheries, the Thousand Islands.

The Keewaydin Marina Boaters Facebook page shared a startling video showing just how high and how much the water levels in the famed St. Lawrence River really are affecting boating and fishing in the area.

Here's the video of the Alexandria Bay public docks:

Posting the video in the first part of June the KMB's page said,

"Well it's June 1st and I wish I had better news."

Truer words were never spoken after the spring the northeast has suffered with record rainfalls since the end of March 2017. With runoff continuing, outlying lakes, streams, and rivers are just starting to return to their normal levels.

Signs like "launch closed due to dangerous conditions" being spotted in area marinas, boaters and fishermen alike are months behind for recreation in Great Lakes states like New York.

Some outlets are saying that the lake level might not be back to normal until August 2017. Boaters that do get out on the water are reminded to be acutely aware of large debris and flotsam.