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15 Boat Accessories You Need For Fishing This Year


We've got an eye on 15 boat accessories that will keep you more successful on the water.

Being a boat owner means so much more than just hitching it up to the vehicle and taking it to the ramp for a launch. There's the maintenance, registration, and the issue of storage. After all that, there's the fun of use, and what could be more fun than to dress it up with some of today's new gear?

Boat accessories come in many forms. Then there are the more sublime pieces of hardware like brackets, cleats, and fenders to more luxury options like a livewell, outrigger, stereo or fish finder. Accessories can be added to keep our boat safe, and easier to use. Whether we are fishing or just out for a cruise, it can make the entire experience better.

One thing that boat accessories have over other forms of gear is that they seem to have endless possibilities, and it always seems like the best is yet to come. This type of gear still likely comes in second to fishing tackle in the pursuit of our on the water adventures, but the truth is that dolling up our boat is a source of pride that we cannot deny.

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Bass Pro Shops XPS Extreme Performance Series Marine Battery Charger

This unit delivers fully automatic charging indefinitely without harming or overcharging your batteries. It helps extend battery life, but is safe for both long and short-term storage.

Plano Dry Storage Box

This item features a watertight o-ring seal around the lid to help keep out rain and moisture while giving the boater peace of mind out on the water.

C.E. Smith T-Top Storage Bag

This 600-denier black polyester bag offers an easy to mount storage bag for access and has room for PFDs, tackle boxes, tow ropes, or other watercraft items that sometimes get in the way.

Cannon Side-Mount Rod Holder

Good rod holders are an integral part of any boat and Cannon offers many solid choices. This one can be used in three positions, and for either spinning or casting gear.


Rod Saver Pro Model

Rod Saver isn't just what this item offers, but it is the brand name as well. Since not every trip out on the water starts out calm, having one of these will take care of your prized rod and reel combos while you concentrate on driving.

Gator Guards Fiberglass Reinforced Repair Patch Kit

Useful for boat, kayak, or canoe applications, (even water tanks and some plumbing), these peel and stick patches are advertised to work on fiberglass, aluminum or plastic.

Fortress Guardian Anchor Stowaway Bag

Durable Cordura nylon construction and heavy-duty Velcro closure straps will keep your anchor out of the way util you need it.

Toadfish "The Anchor" Universal Non-Tipping Cup Holder

If you've had to watch your drink flip over more than once on the way out on the water, then you will appreciate how well "The Anchor" works.


Speaqua Barnacle Vibe 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It has a universal mount with included action camera mount, IP68 waterproofing for complete submersion, and is Bluetooth ready. It stores up to 2,000 songs and it even floats.

Orion Coastal Alert/Locate Signal Flare Kit

This is a 12-gauge, safety signal launcher that every boat should have onboard. In fact, many jurisdictions legally require boaters to have some form of emergency signaling system onboard their vessel.

Minn Kota On-Board Precision Charger

This charger includes a design that is specially formulated for the high demands of lithium batteries. With nearly every fishing boat needing a battery of some kind, onboard battery charging systems have found their place.

Frabill Conservation Ultralight Landing Net

With a 48" collapsible handle and the trademark Meshguard netting, this landing net will really help your catch to swim away unharmed.


Ugly Stik Ugly Tools Multi-Tool

Comes with the Ugly Tuff grip folding handle and everything a good multitool should have including a jig eye cleaner, hook sharpener and bottle opener.

Minn Kota Pro Drift Sock

Every fishing boat should have a drift sock that slows down your movement to give the angler proper bait presentation over holding fish.

Minn Kota E-Drive Electric Outboard Motor

Sure, this "accessory" is a high-tech way of propelling your boat through the water has a large price point, but who doesn't want to have power of a gasoline outboard without the noise and fumes?

What Makes a Good Boat Accessory?

Honestly, anything that makes watersports safer and more fun is a good thing to consider adding to your new craft. With an endless supply of ideas for the recreational boater or for the angling community, manufacturers have proven that they can make quality items for us, whether it be original or aftermarket.


We should all have life jackets, a first aid kit, flares, and a fire extinguisher. Most of this stuff, like cleaning supplies, tie downs and boat covers are obvious purchases for most, which is why we didn't suggest them here. After that, there are many great choices depending on what your needs are.

Heck, even fishermen like to tow kids behind the boat on float tubes or grill on the water every once in a while!

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