Bluetick Coonhound is Now Tennessee's State Dog

Great news! The bluetick coonhound is Tennessee's state dog. The Governor signed the bill into law so it's official.

WATE News reports that Gov. Bill Lee signed the bill into law on Wednesday officially making the University of Tennessee mascot a state symbol.

"The bipartisan bill, which was introduced by Rep. Bill Beck, D-Nashville, in early February, sailed through the House and Senate with unanimous votes."

Knox News tells us that prior to 'Smokey's' anointment, no single dog breed served as Tennessee's state dog. Instead, dogs and cats adopted through Tennessee animal shelters and rescues serve as the state's official pet.

How cool is this? Tennessee joins 13 other states who have official state dogs. Maryland was the first to name a dog breed as a state symbol, choosing the Chesapeake Bay Retriever to represent the state in 1964.

Coonhound breeds are known for their inquisitive charm and can be quite goofy. They are scent hounds and are most noticeable by their long ears and large bays. They are working dogs and if a Coonhound owner doesn't hunt them, they need sufficient exercise to keep them mentally stimulated

Anyone that attends Tennessee games will certainly be celebrating that 'Smokey' is the official dog for the state! 

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Coonhounds are a lovable, hardworking breed.