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Blow Gunning River Gar is About as Good as It Gets

blow gunning river gar

Blow gunning river gar is a great summer activity harvesting some great fish.

Leave it up to Tim Wells to keep the interesting hunting and fishing videos coming. Blow gunning river gar might be one of the most unique forms of fishing we’ve seen thus far.

His latest endeavor in a boat with his friend, Buck, definitely will not disappoint. If you are interested in making your own blow gun, this video will teach you how.

Tim takes a shot at spotted gar, and successfully harvests one via blow gun. Gar have a skin layering that is made up of plates that act as a shield. This makes blow gunning that much more difficult, because you have to hit them just right. Be sure to utilize strong, durable line that won’t break on the gar’s teeth or skin.

If you have ever bowhunted fish then this is close, but not quite the same. If you do end up trying this, be careful. Gar contain razor sharp teeth that can easily shred your hand or fingers.

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Blow Gunning River Gar is About as Good as It Gets