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YouTube: BlacktipH

BlacktipH Lands Giant Bull Shark in River

You probably wouldn't expect to see one of these apex predators swimming past your river dock.

It's safe to say most fishermen have a big shark etched somewhere on their all-time fishing bucket lists. Methods for catching one probably vary across the board, but most fishermen probably have two generalized approaches in mind: deep sea fishing or surf fishing.

There is another option, though, and it apparently produces some absolute monsters. That's right, you can catch sharks in a river.

So naturally, Josh Jorgensen had to put it to the test since, after all, he is the shark fishing guy on YouTube.

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Watch the video below:

As you can see, this was no easy fight! It looked like that large shark was testing Jorgensen for all he was worth!

According to the video description, he fought with this shark for a good hour, which probably was due in part to the spinning tackle he was using. However, it looks to me like it made for an even better fight!

Once they finally get the shark to breach the surface, they lock eyes with what they estimated to be a 400-pound bull shark! It looked like they were lucky their leader didn't get caught up in that buoy line floating across the water, too.

Who would ever guess this kind of creature could be swimming in a river? Meanwhile, you have deep sea fishermen dropping boatloads of money to hit a jet stream. You have surf fishermen kayaking bait 200-300 yards out through crashing waves. And, weirdly, no one is fishing in the river behind them that hosts monsters like this!

Congrats to Jorgensen on a great catch!

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