BlacktipH Lands a Giant Cobia in Chesapeake Bay

Despite some rough conditions, BlacktipH breaks his personal-best cobia record.

Josh Jorgensen, aka BlacktipH, has made quite the name for himself down in Florida. With more than 1 million subscribers, he's become one of the most recognizable YouTube personalities within the United States fishing community. He's gained a lot of popularity from his shark fishing videos, but he isn't afraid to branch out, as he's conquered just about everything saltwater has to offer.

This time, however, he was on a mission to rewrite his personal-best cobia record. To do that, he headed north to Virginia to take on the Chesapeake Bay.

He and Capt. Austin Hayne from Finao Sportfishing were operating on limited sleep with the weather against them when they initially hit the water. Using eels as bait, the action is a little slow to start, but in typical BlacktipH fashion, persistence pays off.

Here's the video:

It's nice to see Jorgensen fishing in my home state and chasing one of my favorite game fish. Cobia are often overlooked when it comes to big-game fish, but they can be stunning in size and shocking in how hard they fight.

He and Hayne go back and forth on the weight of the fish, but as they said toward the end of the video, this one's at least 50 pounds. I'd probably guess it'd be closer to 60 if you threw it on a scale.

Regardless, this was a great catch for Jorgensen! You know it's going to be a monster whenever he sets a new personal best!