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Blackbuck Hunting: How and Where to Hunt the Exotic Species in America

Head to Texas for a chance at tagging a beautiful blackbuck antelope.

Native to the Indian subcontinent, blackbuck have been introduced to Argentina, Mexico, Australia, and the United States. With beautiful spiral horns they keep year-round, blackbuck antelope sport two-tone coats that can grow darker seasonally and with age.

Territorial yet skittish, they can run up to 50 miles per hour and usually weigh in under 100 pounds.

Blackbuck Antelope Hunting in Texas

Due to habitat loss, blackbuck numbers across India, Pakistan, and Nepal have plummeted, and no hunting is allowed in these countries.

If you don't want to travel to Argentina for a trophy blackbuck, head to the Texas Hill Country for an awesome hunting adventure.

There is no set hunting season for Texas blackbuck, so they can be hunted anytime of year like axis deer, fallow deer, sika deer, red stag, aoudad, and mouflon. For one of these exotic hunts, you can opt for an affordable 5-day special hunting license or a yearlong non-resident version.

Many hunting ranches focus their hunts on the fall and winter months when blackbuck coats are darker and the weather is cooler.

Spot and stalk is the best yet most challenging way to hunt blackbucks. Because they're so wary and possess strong senses, sneaking up on one is tough but incredibly fun and rewarding.

Outfitters also offer safari style and ground blind trophy blackbuck antelope hunts, whether you're rifle hunting or bowhunting. They graze both in the morning and in the evening, so you should have plenty of opportunities to find one on the move.

Pricing for blackbuck hunting packages typically falls in the $2,000-$4,000 range, depending on how long you plan to stay, accommodations, and possible trophy fees.

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