Black Bear
YouTube: Keith Warren Hunting

Matti Warren Smokes Saskatchewan Black Bear at Only 7 Yards With a Bow

Bear hunting doesn't get much more exciting than this.

Many hunters have black bear hunting on their bucket list for a good reason. These large omnivores provide for some pulse-pounding hunting in a variety of styles wherever they are found. This is especially true of archery hunting where hunters must get up close and personal to put a good shot on the animal.

Today's hunt features Keith Warren's daughter Matti. The father and daughter head up to an extremely remote part of Saskatchewan for the combination hunting and fishing trip of a lifetime.

The entire video is entertaining, but if you just want to see the hunt for the bear, jump to the 12:40 mark. Matti and her guide spot a large bear on the shore from their boat and decided to try and get closer. It ends up being the encounter of a lifetime as the bear finally offers Matti a shot. At the pule-pounding close distance of only seven yards!

Getting any big game animal to only seven yards is always going to be exciting. However, the intensity is ramped up significantly when the animal is a black bear! Not many people ever get to encounter a bear that close and fewer archers get the chance to harvest one at that incredibly close distance. They were close enough to hear every breath the animal took.

We also think they were correct in assuming that this bruin had never seen a human before. When it was standing behind the tree watching them, it seemed it couldn't figure out exactly what it was looking at. It's rare to see a bear act like that around humans.

If anything, that is a testament to how wild and untamed this part of Saskatchewan can be. If you are a hunter looking for one of the last remote places on earth to pursue big game, you might want to give that part of Canada some consideration. Nice shot and congratulations on your bear Matti!

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