Bison Selfie
Luke Vanderharr

Bison Gives Tourist Taking Selfies the Fright of Her Life

Yellowstone National Park is a breathtaking place to go for your summer vacation destination. The park's thermal features inspire awe in Earth's natural wonders. Then there is the wildlife, which is plentiful and varied. The one animal tourists are pretty much guaranteed to see is the bison. These huge, lumbering mammals can be found in virtually every corner of the park and sometimes even outside the park's borders. They are also wild, and extremely short tempered. Especially with tourists who happen to wander too close to them. More than one tourist has found themselves flung through the air or trampled by those massive hooves. Of course, these encounters are somewhat rare. Yellowstone usually only sees a handful per year.

Frankly, we are amazed it is that low considering how many close encounters happen on a regular basis. Take this video of a woman who gets way too close to a huge bison. At the start of the video, she's already way too close. As it progresses, she gets closer. After a moment, it looks like she has come to her senses and is finally leaving. But nope, she decides to return and get another shot, which for the bison is one shot too many. While her back is turned, the bison starts coming after her and she's forced to try and flee the area. In her scramble, she falls on her face yet somehow avoids being trampled.

There is no doubt about it. This was that tourist's lucky day that the bison stopped short of a full attack. In fact, it was a rather half-hearted charge by the beast. Although more than enough to be a pants-soiling moment though! She easily could have been severely hurt or even killed. Especially after she fell over. It appears she looked back expecting the bison to be right on top of her. The worst part of this video is that she stands up to take a few more photos after the encounter. Look lady, we are not wildlife experts, but that first charge was clearly a warning! At least she got the message the animal was sending when the bison made that second head turn.

Clearly someone was not listening when she drove into the park and the rangers handed her pamphlets warning to stay 25 yards away from all wildlife. If one had seen here, there is a chance she could have been ticketed for getting too close. They really hammer it home with signs everywhere too. Remember this video if you are planning a trip to the park this summer. These large animals are not something you want to mess around with!

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