Bird Drops Fish From Sky and Smashes North Carolina Car Owner's Window

From the "hard to believe" department comes this story of a catfish that shattered a car's front windshield.

Where would you expect to see fish falling from the sky? A scene from HBO's Watchmen?

In actuality it isn't too far fetched, once you learn that a bird of prey was involved.

As was the case for a Beaufort County, North Carolina woman recently, when a large catfish smashed into Rhesa Walston's car's windshield while she drove down the road with her 3-year-old daughter in the car.

FOX 10 reported that she "noticed what looked maybe like a large hawk, and could see it had a catfish."

Here's the rest of the story:

Falling catfish smashes North Carolina woman's car windshield

Luckily, her daughter was fine and wasn't even fazed by the incident.

After the incident, Walston called her husband, who called their insurance company. Can you imagine how that conversation went?!

Stuart Barrow, Walston's cousin-in-law, happened to be near the area where it happened. He said that when he arrived on the scene, he "immediately began searching for the fish to validate the story for insurance, but also because I was so curious to see what kind of fish had done so much damage!"

They found it near the side of the road, but saw no signs of the flying bird that was likely the culprit.

It was actually a pretty big fish, but the amount of damage is still surprising.

Here's hoping they quickly got a new windshield paid for, and they avoid flying catfish from now on!