binocular harness

Binocular Harnesses That Keep Your Hunt Front and Center

Once you use a binocular harness, you'll never go back to a neck strap.

Being comfortable while hunting should be a priority. Just think, you have to be still and quiet for long periods of time. How does one do that if they're wearing heavy gear and don't feel comfy? If the weight of your binoculars is taking a toll on your neck, it's time to get a binocular harness.

Some use binocular accessories like a binocular rest to offer relief, but you don't have to resort to keeping them off your body. Binocular harnesses spread the weight of binoculars across your shoulders instead of around your neck. A major con of using a regular neck strap is that binoculars tend to swing around.

With shoulder straps, your binoculars will be held to your chest instead of knocking things over. No need to throw out your high-quality binoculars, just replace the neck strap with a binocular harness.

1. Vortex GlassPak Binocular Harness

Adjust the nylon binocular straps for a comfortable fit. This binocular harness fits a wide variety of full-size binoculars. The bungee-close, full-coverage lid will keep it free from dust and water.

2. Rick Young Outdoors Ultra-Light Bino Harness

This doesn't look like most binocular harnesses, but judging from its 5-star rating, I would say it gets the job done. The bino harness has a durable shock cord to make sure it keeps its elasticity. Adjust the straps to fit your body comfortably. One customer is amazed with how well it held his binoculars and rangefinder. You can get it for under $20.

3. Cabela's Hybrid Binocular Harness

This binocular harness strap distributes weight over your shoulders evenly. The non-stretch webbings don't ride up so there's a comfortable fit. To make things better, there's also adjustable straps on the side. Also priced right under $20, this has to be one of the best binocular harnesses available.

Binocular harnesses are perfect hunting, archery and hiking in the Alps. Most of the binocular harnesses you find will be one-size-fits, but they can adjust to your body type. They're breathable and lightweight, so even with thick hunting apparel on, you won't feel discomfort. If you're fed up with pain from neck straps, put an end to it with a binocular harness.