Billy Daw, the Young Man in a Wheelchair, Kills His First Whitetail

Wheelchair-bound Billy Daw from North Carolina killed his first whitetail deer with no assistance.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of talking to my good friend Billy Daw. Billy is a hunter at heart who's bound to a wheelchair, but doesn't let that stop him from enjoying the outdoors. He founded Wheel Chair Outdoors to inspire hunters across the world!

Well, he just harvested his first whitetail with no hunting assistance.

"I tell you what, man, I face many obstacles in my life, but this hunt proves I don't let them stop me. Before hunting, I had posted on my Facebook page saying, 'If it's Brown its down!' Little did I know it was about to become reality! We started seeing deer everywhere after being in the ground blind for only an hour.

One mature "cow horn" buck, which probably weighed about 150, comes out. Might I add I'm not used to shooting with a scope the way everyone else does. I usually use an iScope so I can use my phone, but I wanna be like everyone else."

Well, I have this fear of getting hit with my scope because of the way I must shoot. So, I'm aiming at this deer and I miss. He then stands there and gives me another shot, but I miss again!! I think I knew what my issue was. Every time I shoot I move my head instead of keeping my head down.

After about 20-30 minutes of waiting, we see what looks like a doe at 110 yards. I get this big smile on my face and I raise my gun. I wait for it to turn broadside to give me a shot. Well it did! I gathered my thoughts and watched it in my scope for a minute to calm myself. As I was calming down, I'm also squeezing the trigger and BANG!

Before I knew it, my gun goes off. So after a few minutes, we decide to go check to see if I hit it. My friend Jamie (knowing it dropped when I shot) gets out of the blind and starts walking toward the spot the deer was, and all I hear is 'Deer down!'

I had so much excitement running through my body. I was shaking from adrenaline. It was unbelievable! Even after I found out what I shot was a really small buck, I was pumped."

He couldn't be any happier!

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