Big John Barker Is Back in Business: Watch Him Bag His Louisiana Buck Late Last Deer Season

Big John Barker is Back in Business: Watch Him Bag His Louisiana Buck Late Last Deer Season

It's been a little while since we heard from him, but never fear: Big John Barker is back in business! Watch him fill his freezer with this Louisiana buck.

Big John first became famous when his father filmed his heartwarming reaction to finding his first doe a couple years ago. Since then, he's had a heck of a hunting career hunting trophy whitetails with the Drurys, chasing pronghorn up in Wyoming, and even shooting a scimitar horned oryx in west Texas. Every hunter goes through dry spells at one time or another, though, and John had a tough time finding success afield for a couple of months.

Fortunately for Big John, he kept plugging away and he managed to get back in business on a deer hunt not too far from his home in Louisiana.

Watch the video to see how Big John's latest deer hunt went:

Though he's faced more than his fair share of adversity over the course of his life, as you can see, Big John always has an incredible attitude. There's nothing fake about that smile or joyous reaction after he found the deer!

The fact that the first thing he did after he shot the deer was call his mom and grandfather to tell them about it speaks volumes about what kind of guy he is.

Congratulations on the successful hunt, John!

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