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Big John Finds His Deer [VIDEO]

Watch as Big John finds his deer, and makes us all smile.

One of the greatest thrills in deer hunting is searching through the woods after taking a shot and stumbling upon the fallen target you weren’t sure if you hit or not. That moment when you find your prize is something we think all deer hunters hold close to their heart.

When we watched this video of “Big John” Austin Baker, from Jena, Louisiana find his deer, the second one of his life and the first one he shot in seven years, we couldn’t help but share in the thrill and excitement.

“Big John,” who has mental disabilities, is a bit of a local celebrity in his small Southern town for his love of sports and his appearance in his high school basketball team’s senior game, after serving as manager but consistently beating classmates at games of HORSE.

His aim on the court is now officially rivaled by his aim with a rifle, and we couldn’t be more proud of a young hunter and his success in the field.

Watch the video, and get ready for the ear-to-ear grin (and maybe a few tears!) that’s going to take over your face:

Seriously, does it get any better than that? We could all learn a thing or two about hunting appreciation from “Big John.”

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Big John Finds His Deer [VIDEO]