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Big Flathead Almost Kills Itself Trying to Eat a Turtle

big fish has huge appetite

How much do you think a fish can actually eat?

In this case, the fish in question has a pretty unbelievable appetite.

In a video Amazing posted on Facebook, we see a big flathead catfish who bit off more than it could chew.

Watch the video below:

For real?

Unbelievable video of my life

Posted by Amazing on Saturday, February 10, 2018

This large catfish wanted a turtle for dinner, but the one it tried to swallow was just a little too big. These boaters saw the exhausted flathead and knew it was in need of help. Both the catfish and the turtle appear to have survived in the end.

When you hear catfish are the king predators of the river, you'd better believe them. Just think what an even bigger catfish might try to eat.

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Big Flathead Almost Kills Itself Trying to Eat a Turtle