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Watch: Whitetail Buck Sheds Antlers Immediately After Getting Shot

This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

As more and more hunters tote camera equipment into the woods with them during deer season, we're treated to more incredible scenes that are almost impossible to believe without seeing the footage. Nowadays there's no shortage of deer hunting content out there, but the number of hunters who have seen a sequence like this one unfold could probably fit on one hand. In the following clip we see a deer shed not just one antler, but both, as a hunter's arrow provides just enough impact to finish the job.

To make things even less believable, this also happened on the very last day of Minnesota's deer season—one of the greatest achievements a hunter can ever seize. Here we see a couple of guys who spot a quality buck resting off the back of the property, likely still trying to catch up on rest and food after a wild rut. Without much hesitation, they step outside with a bow and a camera set up and ready to roll. But the magic of this hunt doesn't show itself until he lets an arrow fly.

Watch this amazing moment in the video below:

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We've seen more than our fair share of crazy videos of things happening to hunters while in the field, but a buck's antlers falling off after being shot is a first.

Ironically, this had to be a huge disappointment to the hunter who shot him. That buck would have made a very nice taxidermy mount, especially after putting an arrow dead in the kill zone from nearly 45 yards away.

Maybe he can duck tape or super glue the antlers back in place for a quick picture? In reality, a good taxidermist would almost certainly be able to attach the antlers to the deer's mount in some semi-permanent way. That poses the questions: What taxidermy option would you choose? With or without antlers?

At the very least, he has one heck of an interesting story to tell and the video to back it up.