Big Buck Nebraska
YouTube: Realtree Road Trips

Early Season 10-Pointer Falls to Bowhunter in Thrilling Nebraska Hunt

Hunting season is finally here and whether you knew it or not, there are already some rather large bucks hitting the dirt in different parts of the country. Nebraska is just one of those states that lets bowhunters get out as early as the beginning of September. The bucks are still heavily feeding and are just starting to strip the velvet off their antlers, making for a rather unique hunt. The Realtree Road Trips crew is in the Cornhusker state hoping to cross paths with a massive whitetail they nicknamed "Mr. Perfect." Bryan Brown decides to move stands during the middle of the day in hopes of intercepting this buck, and he sits with Tyler Jordan as his cameraman that night.

While they spot Mr. Perfect at a distance, Bryan ends up calling an audible when a gorgeous 10-pointer ends up walking past his new setup at last night. It's a great buck, and one Bryan cannot pass up. The shot placement looks good although the penetration is not. Still, these guys have nothing to worry about as the buck piles up in the last spot they saw him.

It's unfortunate he didn't get a clean pass through with that shot. The buck probably would have piled up sooner had the arrow gotten through. However, sometimes things happen that you cannot control in the woods. The arrow may not have gotten great penetration, but it did strike a vital organ. A 120-yard recovery is not too bad, all things considered. This was an ideal scenario for a shot that doesn't get the penetration the bowhunter was hoping for.

As the guys said, this buck was deceptively bigger than he looked from the treestand. It's a gorgeous deer that any hunter would be happy to harvest. We'd call that an awesome way to start the season. Congratulations to Bryan on one heck of a deer!

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