Tyler Jordan Georgia
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Tyler Jordan Smokes a Monster 186-Inch Georgia Whitetail With His Bow

It is safe to say the guys from Realtree know their way around some big bucks. It takes something especially large to rattle these hunters. Bill Jordan's son Tyler is bowhunting the family property in hopes of meeting up with a larger-than-normal buck that has haunted the Jordan family the last few seasons. Unfortunately, the wind has not been in Tyler's favor for the setup he feels most confident about killing this buck from. After a lot of patience, he finally gets an evening when the conditions are right and slips into his stand. Early in the hunt he's tempted by a dandy 8-pointer, but he does not have to wait long before his target buck shows up. It ends up being a true hunt for the ages, and marks the largest deer ever taken on the Realtree farm.

It does not get much better than that to finally connect on a deer you have so many years of history pursuing. Perhaps the only thing that made this more memorable was the fact Bill was watching his son make that shot live on camera at a softball game. Gotta love technology making something like that possible on a hunt these days.

Props to Tyler for keeping his nerves while that buck slowly worked his way into the setup. We are not sure we would have been able to stay as calm as he did. This shot was slightly high, but it was a clean pass-through that appeared to get both lungs. One cannot ask for more than that. This buck also just goes to show that a little hard work and patience in passing up smaller deer can produce some real bruisers if you are patient enough. You can tell this deer meant a little more to Tyler coming from a family property. Congrats to Tyler on the early season monster!

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