Big Bass Public Pond
YouTube: Ty PigPatrol

You Won't Believe the Giant Bass this Fisherman Jigs Up in a City Pond

Sometimes prospecting for bass can pay off big.

Some people think that to find big fish, you have to fish big water. While that makes some sense, it is not entirely true. Some fish, such as bass, can thrive just about anywhere, even in smaller waters that are heavily fished by the public, such as a city park pond. You just need to have a little patience, and mostly luck, to find them. YouTuber Ty PigPatrol puts this practice to the test as he locates and reels in the bass of a lifetime in a populated area.

"This pond has a ton of pressure on it," he said in the video, as he pointed out a hole in the fish's lip where he had either been caught or weighed before.

The conditions were just right for this: water levels at the pond are down, but there's a fresh influx of runoff flowing in several spots in the pond. Realizing these areas could be a magnet for hungry bass, he starts working these areas with his jig. He catches a few smaller bass, but it takes a while before he's able to set the hook on the true giant. Perhaps the most impressive part of this catch is just how close to shore his lure is when the fish strikes.

"What a unit!" Ty exclaims as he reels the fish in. "Oh my, what a truck. Look at that. That thing is just massive."


It doesn't get much better than that. While many people switch over into hunting mode come the fall, Ty shows there are still some giant bass to be caught for the anglers who stick with it. As you saw here, the other benefit to fishing later in the year is that he had the whole pond to himself. Ty's hunch about the bass holding in the areas that were seeing new water run off ended up being correct. That's a good tip to remember the next time you decide to go fishing after it rains.

The reason these areas draw bass after a rain is mostly due to the cooler water drawing in the baitfish. Where they go, the predators will follow. Another awesome catch Ty. We're consistently amazed by the giants he catches from the smallest bodies of water.

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