Better Check You Sunscreen! It May Have Mold
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Better Check You Sunscreen! It May Have Mold

It's that time of the year when many people are hitting the beaches or the pool. As such, many use sunscreen to protect themselves from that harsh summer sun. However, your sunscreen could actually make you sick. Recently, one sunblock brand issued a recall on their product due to the possibility of mold.

Suntegrity Skincare, a Las Vegas-based skin care company, announced a recall for its Impeccable Skin Sunscreen Foundation. The company said some of its sunscreen tested positive for mold.

The Food and Drug Administration reported that some of Suntegrity Skincare's products had "a higher than acceptable microbiological mold count over time. The discovery was made during a recent test on lot 115BU, although several other lots were recalled out of "an abundance of caution."

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The product may contain the mold species aspergillus sydowii, which could cause an allergic reaction. It could also cause a skin infection if used on you know....sunburnt skin.

Sunscreen Recalled For Mold

"It could also cause a primary fungal skin infection if used on open wounds or sunburned skin," read the FDA's release on the matter. "If it is introduced into the eye, eye infections may occur. A primary skin infection due to aspergillus species in an immunocompromised individual should be treated medically."

While the company announced the recall, there currently hasn't been any reported reactions to the sunscreen. However, it's issued a national recall for the 2-ounce orange tube. You can find the lot numbers below, which are located on the back.

  • Lot No. 107IV in the shade "Ivory"
  • Lot No. 107NU in the shade "Nude"
  • Lot No. 109NU in the shade "Nude"
  • Lot No. 117BU in the shade "Buff"
  • Lot No. 113SA in the shade "Sand"
  • Lot No. 114sA in the shade "Sand"
  • Lot No. 106BR in the shade "Bronze"
  • Lot NO. 101MO in the shade "Mocha"

Upon discovering the issue, the company quickly contacted its retailers and distributors. If you purchased the product online, then you can contact them at [email protected] with their order number, product lot number and name. The company is offering refunds, store credit, and an exchange.

Meanwhile, if you bought the product from the store, you should return it to the store for a refund. You can also exchange it by contacting the company.